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It is disappointing that we are unable to test Lotto Pro because it is not safe to install. It is also disappointing that their customer support is terribly poor. Nonetheless, we look forward to testing Lotto Pro once it’s proven clean. Until then, we recommend that you should look at other lottery software instead.

We downloaded Lotto Pro Version 8.62 (released on 20 December 2018)
but we did not install and test Lotto Pro because VirusTotal detected that the software is unsafe!


Lotto Pro can be downloaded from Data Solutions website but VirusTotal detected that the installation file “lotpro32.exe” is unsafe.


We did not install and test Lotto Pro as the installation file is unsafe.


From their website, we noted that Lotto Pro supports a few hundred games.


The Data Solutions website has a good reputation at Webutation and we also see that Lotto Pro software is frequently updated. Unfortunately, the installation file is detected as unsafe.


Lotto Pro is reasonably priced at $24.95 but it has an annual subscription of $19.95. The free version is a 15-day trial but we are not sure if there are any other limitations.


We contacted their support through the online form in their website 3 days ago and we have still not heard anything from them!

One thought on “Most Trusted Lotto Pro Software Review

  • April 17, 2021 at 10:07 am

    I just bought LottoPro and I’m not impressed. It’s statistical data is not user friendly and hard to understand, even the graphs are unintelligible without a degree in quantum physics. There are better web based graphs and charts that blow anything Lotto Pro offers out of the water. The learning curve sucks, help is useless, no customer support whatsoever, $20 extra a year to update files after initial purchase of LottoPro… The other thing you should consider is that LottoPro does not allow copy/past or export of your wheeled numbers, they are permanently locked in the software and copyrighted automatically by LottoPro. That’s right, they copyright all of the numbers you wheel, which is just weird. Basically they’re saying that if you use our software to wheel the numbers, those aren’t your numbers, they’re our numbers, and you can’t export them to other software outside of LottoPro… That’s just stupid and makes no sense. So if you use a spread sheet to track your numbers LottoPro will not allow you to export the file. Sure its got bells and whistles, but like I said, there are better user friendly options out there.

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