Most Trusted Lotto Sorcerer Software Review

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Lotto Sorcerer is perhaps the oldest lottery software that we can find in the market and we are truly keen to check it out. We hope their development team can ensure that the installation file is safe and clean in the near future. In addition, they also certainly need to improve their customer support. Till then, our suggestion is to skip Lotto Sorcerer software first.

We downloaded Lotto Sorcerer Version 9.1 (released on 4 December 2018) but we did not install and test Lotto Sorcerer because VirusTotal detected that the software is unsafe!


Lotto Sorcerer can be downloaded from Satori Publishing website. On scanning the downloaded installation file “LSW9.exe” at VirusTotal, 3 engines detected that the file is unsafe!


We are not able to test the accuracy of Lotto Sorcerer software as we cannot install an unsafe file.


From their website, Lotto Sorcerer software seems to provide very good coverage for a couple of hundred lottery games.


The Satori Publishing website has a good reputation at Webutation.

This lottery software was first released in October 1989 and over this long period of time, the software has continuously been updated. Unfortunately, the installation file is detected to be unsafe.


Lotto Sorcerer is priced at $49.95 with no annual subscription. However, upgrading from an older version to the latest version ranges from $39.95 to $45.95! This upgrade fee is excessive compared with most software upgrades which are heavily discounted.


We emailed their support but there was no reply after 4 days! We are still waiting for a response.