Most Trusted Powerfall Lottery Picker review

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The Lottery Picker is one of the most expensive lottery software around and yet, they do not allow you to try it first before buying! It is obvious that they are trying to capitalize on people’s perception that a product is better the more expensive it is! This is such a scam! Please don’t waste time purchasing this software and risk corrupting your computer!

This software is priced ridiculously at an exorbitant rate and there is no trial software for download. We did not purchase the software as we do not want to be conned!


From their website, The Lottery Picker does not look appealing or impressive. The user interface is confusing with too much elements laid out in a single screen.


The reviews in their website are all quotes and without any compelling evidence. These are very likely fake and fictitious comments and we doubt the accuracy of their software.

If their software is accurate and effective, they will not be afraid to offer a trial software for people to test drive before buying.


The Lottery Picker only supports 2 games – Powerball and Mega Millions. This is pathetic.


The website reputation of Powerfall is good according to Webutation. However, as we did not purchase & download the software, we are not sure if it is digitally signed or not. We are also not sure if the software is clean and free of virus, malware and ad-ware.


The Lottery Picker is priced at an exorbitant price of $289.99! This is the most expensive software that we have reviewed and you are not allowed to try it first!


We contacted Powerfall through their online contact form and we have not received any response after a week!