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The free version of Expert Lotto is so limited that we are virtually unable to test any functions. We are forced to purchase the 30-day trial version with all the features enabled and we are terribly disappointed. The prediction function in Expert Lotto is totally inaccurate and their claims of supporting hundreds of games are untrue!

We downloaded, installed and thoroughly tested Expert Lotto Version 5.10 (released in December 2017).


Expert Lotto can be downloaded from Expert Lotto website and the installation file is clean as shown at VirusTotal.

Expert Lotto is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit and the installation is smooth.

We selected California Fantasy 5 and updated the past winning numbers from Expert Lotto website.

This lottery software looks complicated with various buttons available in the toolbar. There are also many functions accessible from the menu. In the FAQ in the Expert Lotto website, the publisher also acknowledges that Expert Lotto is a “complex tool and not suited for everyone”.

Overall, the user interface is not great. The fonts are a little too small and the charts are not meaningful.

We tested the prediction function and waited for over 15 minutes to see the predicted numbers and statistics.

Expert Lotto only provides a single ticket from their prediction for the California Fantasy 5 game on 11 January 2019. We did not find any other function to be able to generate more lottery tickets based on their prediction. This is great provided that this single ticket is accurate. We’ll see.

We further tested uninstalling Expert Lotto. After the uninstall is completed, the lottery games that we opened can still be found in our computer.


Expert Lotto can predict the numbers for the next draw and in our test, it provides a single lottery ticket for the California Fantasy 5 draw on 11 January 2019.

Upon checking the actual winning numbers drawn, this single lottery ticket does not have a single matching number!

In addition, Expert Lotto predicted that the winning combination will be 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers as well as 3 low numbers and 2 high numbers.

You can see the predicted numbers and statistics by Expert Lotto in the above screenshots.

However, the actual winning combination is 1 odd number with 4 even numbers and 2 low numbers with 3 high numbers.

Expert Lotto certainly cannot deliver!


Expert Lotto claims to support a few hundred lottery games. However, we found several games, such as Ukraine Megalot and Philippines Superlotto, whereby the past winning numbers are not provided.

When we tried to update the draw results for UK Lotto, Australia Oz Lotto and EuroMillions, we also encountered the error shown below.

For other games such as Canada Lotto 6/49 and Jamaica Super Lotto, a timeout error was encountered.

We did not test all the available games provided by Expert Lotto but it definitely does not support as many as games as they claim.


The website reputation of Expert Lotto is not perfect according to Webutation.

Expert Lotto was first released in 18 August 2004 and it has not been updated too frequently. The latest version was updated slightly more than a year ago at the time of our review.

Expert Lotto software is also not digitally signed with a code-signing certificate.


Expert Lotto is priced at $79.95 with an annual subscription of $19.95 for any software updates. This is not cheap. The 30-day trial version with full features cost $4.95.


We contacted their support through the online form in their website and we received a response after 12 hours. However, their response is not too professional.