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Gail Howard is well-known for her lottery books but her lottery software definitely needs massive improvement. The look and feel of SmartLuck Advantage Gold software is terrible and it is also not intuitive. This is further compounded by their website being infected with virus! Our recommendation is to read her lottery books if you want but not to play with her lottery software.

We downloaded and installed the trial version of SmartLuck Advantage Gold Version (released on 23 October 2018).

However, we are unable to open any supported lottery game as our Avast anti-virus detected a security threat! We are also unable to manually create and input the draw results for any lottery game and we are forced to abandon our testing!


The free trial software can be download from SmartLuck website and the scan at VirusTotal did not detect any problem.

Advantage Gold is a 32-bit software and the installation is smooth. We proceed to select one of the supported lottery games.

Upon clicking “All USA” our Avast anti-virus immediately prompted us of a security threat!

We believe that Advantage Gold software is trying to retrieve the list of lottery games from the SmartLuck website but the page it is trying to access is infected with the URL:MAL virus!

As we are unable to download and select a supported game, we decided to create the California Fantasy 5 game manually.

When we attempt to input the draw results, the prompt to select a game appears which we cancelled, as it will simply result in the above security threat, and this is followed by an error.

We tried several times with the same outcome and we eventually abandoned the testing.

We uninstalled Advantage Gold and noted that the folder C:\gh\ still exists.


We are unable to create any lottery game to test Advantage Gold.


From their website, Advantage Gold appears to support a few hundred lottery games.


The SmartLuck website has a good reputation at Webutation but the website resource which Advantage Gold is trying to access is infected with a virus!


Advantage Gold software is not cheap. It is priced at $79.95 and they charge $30 for upgrades.


We contacted their support through an online form in their website and only received a response after 2 days.

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